SCPHA is an organization that plans events through the following committees.  If you are a SCPHA member and interested in serving on one, please let us know.
Standing Committees

Constitution and Bylaws
Conference Planning                    Continuing Education                          Finance                                              Fiscal Review                                    Futures Planning                          Marketing & Public Relations  Membership            

Mid-Year Conference
Public Health Month
Public Policy and Advocacy              
Sponsorships, Fundraising or Capital Fund

Special Committees
Silent Auction (Fundraising)
Golf Tournament (Fundraising)

Young Professionals Network          Fitness Challange                  Partnership Development 

Convention/Conference Committees
Convention Coordinators
Facility and Logisics
Early Bird Reception (under social)
Entertainment (under social)
Program (conference) Contributed Papers (program subcommittee)
Professional and Personal Program Ads Social

2023-2024 Committee Chairs & Coordinators

2022-2023 Committee Chairs & Coordinators                                                                                            2021-2022 Committee Chairs & Coordinators                                                                                            2020-2021 Committee Chairs & Coordinators                                                                                            2019-2020 Committee Chairs & Coordinators                                                                                            2017-2018 Committee Chairs & Coordinators                                                                                            2016-2017 Committee Chairs & Coordinators                                                                                            2014-2015 Committee Chairs & Coordinators                                                                                            2013-2014 Committee Chairs & Coordinators

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